Station 2 | #3CL: Three City Link
University of Regina (Regina, Canada), Coventry University (Coventry, UK), Gallery 25 at the Berlin Art Hotel (Gyumri, Armenia), ACOSS: the Armenia Art Centre of Social Studies (Yerevan, Armenia) and the Gyumri Branch of the Yerevan Art Academy. 
November 3 – November 14, 2014

Organized by Coventry-based intermedia artist and lecturer Rachelle Viader Knowles, #3CL engages the practice of dialogic, collaborative media exchange in an academic-community context designed to create translocal artistic spaces and cultures of acknowledgement and social awareness.  #3CL is a collaborative initiative with Christine Ramsay and Yerevan-based conceptual artist Mkrtich Tonoyan.

Three groups of artists/students will participate in an intercity art/film/media exchange exhibition in Fall 2014 via three linked gallery spaces/communication hubs: The Fifth Parallel Gallery (University of Regina, and anchored in Ramsay’s undergraduate course Expanded Screens); the Lanchester Gallery (Coventry University); and the Berlin Hotel Gallery (Gyumri, Armenia).  The project title, #3CL, references Three-City Link, an early telecommunications art project between Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston (1989), organized by Eduardo Kac and Carlos Fadon.  #3CL reframes the project 25 years later within a growing discourse of participatory art in an era where telematic communications are now ubiquitous, and, therefore, in a global context where new forms of translocal engagement emerge.

The project aims to articulate how a hybrid mode of participatory art extends dialogues beyond the limitations of social practice art that occur within face-to-face-proximities only.  “Testimony” forms a common groundwork for translocal artistic interactions between cities with common concerns of “memory,” “trauma” and “truth” given that Regina is a place still deeply imbued with the legacies of Canada’s cultural genocide of Aboriginal people; Coventry is officially designated an International City of Peace and Reconciliation; and Gyumri is an Armenian centre for ACOSS’s focus on the relation between art and social activism. Within a pedagogical context, what role might this translocal project play within an international curriculum interested in methodologies and pedagogies of testimony, truth and reconciliation, neighbourliness and communication?

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