Station 13 | Atom Egoyan: Steenbeckett Catalogue

Atom Egoyan: Steenbeckett will be the first major publication to focus on Steenbeckett, largely considered Atom Egoyan's installation masterpiece.  Published by Black Dog Publishing, in partnership with the MacKenzie Art Gallery and Strandline Curatorial Collective, the catalogue is edited by Timothy Long (MacKenzie Art Gallery, Canada) and Christine Ramsay (University of Regina, Canada), and includes an introduction by Egoyan, with contributions by a selection of international scholars and curators: Catherine Fowler (University of Otago, New Zealand), Elizabeth Matheson (Strandline Curatorial Collective, Canada), David Pike (American University, USA) and Judith Wilkinson (Tate Modern, London, UK)  (available in 2017).