Station 11 | Celeste Nazali Snowber

 The Spirituality of Worry

Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

November 2, 2016


The Marrow of Longing

Sask Hotel

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

November 5, 2016 

Celeste Nazali Snowber integrates dance, poetry, voice and comedy as a way to explore place, identity, longing, and belonging. Weaving the depth, absurdity and beauty of life, she loves connecting the juxtapositions of the holy and the ordinary and the body as a site of knowledge and discovery. Through these forms of embodied inquiry, she will open and close the MITM Symposium, sharing The Spirituality of Worry, a performance which engages comedically with the effects of memory and trauma, and The Marrow of Longing, a performance which weaves the gestures of dance as an opening to longing and the words of the poetic as a way to uncover how land, food, and the body holds the memory in the viscera. 


The Marrow of Longing is multi-disciplinary performance, which includes provocative pieces on reclaiming her Armenian identity while growing up by a mother who was a genocide survivor. Peppered in this performance of dance, voice and poetry will be the comedic which weaves the connections between human, humour and humus. Alongside dancing body stories of growing up Armenian will be poems exploring eggplant, finding earth traces, and a performance piece called, “The Spirituality of Worry.” 

Snowber writes in her poem…


longing resides in the marrow

an ache for a land I do not know

terrain inside the cavities

of my chest, asking to be

made familiar with the territory

of a place where one knows be/longing


the body has a way of knowing roots

place of viscera – soles of feet are souls

an ache is still reaching inside to find

the earth in my body

my body in the earth


Celeste Snowber, PhD is a dancer, writer, poet and educator who is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. Her essays and poetry have been published extensively in various journals and chapters in books and she is the author of Embodied Prayer and co-author of Landscapes in Aesthetic Education. Her most recent book of poetry is Wild Tourist and her book Embodied Inquiry will be released in the fall of 2016.  Celeste has performed a full-length show entitled, “Woman giving birth to a red pepper,” which includes dance, humour and voice exploring themes of sexuality, mid-life and growing up Armenian and Irish.  She is the Artist in Residence in the UBC Botanical Garden where she is creating seasonal performances of dance and poetry. Celeste continues to create from experiences of dailiness and collaborate with other poets, visual artists and musicians. She performs in a variety of contexts including galleries, poetry readings, theatre, and conferences, in international, national and community events. She can be found at