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Station 3 | Expanded Cinema: The Great Saskatchewan
Time Lapse: Berny Hi
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
November 2014 – September 2015

Expanded Cinema is a creative adventure in cinematic language created and facilitated by Berny Hi, a Regina-based filmmaker, and current artist-in-residence at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. Over 30 independent artists are coming together to explore vertical cinema as a community collaborative film project, The Great Saskatchewan Timelapse, consisting of a number of 1-2 minute short films, animations, and puppet films created in workshops across Saskatchewan that will be edited together for site-specific presentation on a monumental, free-standing rectangular screen mirroring the shape of the province.  The project will playfully trace the memory of place, from Saskatchewan's earliest defined geological past, through the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, the crashing of meteors, the ebb and flow of the glaciers, the arrival of mammals and the migration of the first humans, and subsequent cultural events, leading to the present day. The projects take place at Hi's Regina-based studio, The Vault, and in various locales across Saskatchewan.

Funded by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, the Saskatchewan Arts Board and its Creative Partnerships, and the City of Regina.