Station 6 | Anecdotal Evidence: The Work of Gerald Saul
Art Gallery of Regina, 
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
July 7 – August 27, 2016

Existing between dramatic, experimental and animated forms, Regina-based artist Gerald Saul's avant-garde works in film, digital video and photography engage anecdotal evidence—sourced primarily auto-biographically and occasionally from others’ personal histories—for ironic and satirical purposes through such aesthetic strategies as super-imposed text, voice-over monologues, hand-developing processes and film-looping. Anecdotal Evidence: The Work of Gerald Saul examines Saul’s development as an artist and filmmaker over the past three decades, and showcases many of his significant experimental and narrative works as they variously focus on the key themes of storytelling, memory and forgetting, and the vagaries of capturing and archiving the ephemerality of personal identity as it drifts between fact and fiction, conviction and loss. The exhibition includes a catalogue, a new commission, a retrospective of extant works, a display of ephemeral and archival material (story boards, scripts, puppets, drawings, maquettes), a reading space, and a satellite workshop and screening at Saul's "Yellow Garage" studio and exhibition space. See: